Yeti’s Teaser Is A Teaser

How Yeti is hinting at future products and it's hiding in their marketing


So you may be asking yourself, why is Victor talking about cups? The answer is actually two-fold. Being in IT most of my time is spent in front of screens, ticking away at code or graphics in an attempt to make something great. Although I live in a digital world, since I was a child the outdoors has always been my destination to find solitude, take in the beauty of creation and test my hand at some more outdoorsy pursuits. Put this together with an absolute obsession over quality gear for both fun and play, it becomes clear why I use Yeti products. To date, I have a colster(imagine a metal koozee), a Rambler lowball cup, a Tundra 50, a Hopper 30 and a 36oz Rambler Bottle. Oddly I have never bought the cup I(and most of you) have seen everyone holding on a hot day: the Rambler 30oz tumbler. Make no mistake, I have looked. It seems however that whenever I look they are ALL SOLD OUT. Not surprising considering how well they work.

Well I won’t make that mistake again. This is my year to buy one and on top of that Yeti is making them in powder-coated colors. Just released today was the Seafoam Green and Tahoe Blue versions, with Olive Green and Black coming soon. As I looked through the marketing material, with the intricately set scenes for their products shots, I noticed something even better: a giant pourable bottle. Look below for the actual image.


As of yet Yeti has not released any information about what looks to be a new product. Oddly this seems like a tease within a tease. Something along the lines of tease-ception. Possibly they did not think about it and released the image without thinking, not having released any information. My guess is that this is just another tease. As of writing this no information appears on Yeti’s website or within any of their promotional emails concerning the new colors of Rambler Tumblers that even hints at what this thermos-like bottle coud be. I guess we will have to wait and see. I’m going to be waiting on the Olive Green Rambler anyways.

Happy travels, parties and trail ridings everyone! Go check these out and if you don’t have one you might consider it, as it will save your drink from getting watery from melted ice after 10 minutes in the sun. Who can put a price on a cold drink on a warm day? What do you think of this possible new product? Excited for the new colors? Don’t like their products at all? Share your thoughts in the comments. πŸ™‚